Select an element

Interactive 3D viewer 

Observe every detail

Observe freely from any angle with fluid movement

Enjoy an unprecedented level of zoom

Zoom in/out
Preset viewpoints

3D animations 

Interact & Explore

Play with products

Simulate product features, discover working mechanisms,
internal components and exploded views

See exploded view
Switch between options
Create multi-state animations

3D configurator 

Change colors and materials on the fly

Switch between available colorways
Customize any part of the product
Select part to customize

Choose material configuration

Apply a color
Apply custom texts and images and preview the result in real time  
G Save configuration

3D annotations 

Discover more

Get insightful explanations about key features and technology
through an interactive product story-telling experience

Play guided tour
Wooden feet
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Interactive WebAR

Try out next to you, to scale

Use Emersya's Fully Interactive Web AR technology

Visualize any product online in Interactive Augmented Reality from any web page in 2 clicks, no installation required (app free)

Position products in your surroundings, with precision scaling

Take AR photos then customize and animate products within the image, with collision detection.

Compatible with Google & Apple integrated AR technologies.

Open native AR apps seamlessly to enjoy the standard AR experience.

Start AR experience

Embeddable 3D technology

On any web page & any device

Native HTML5 technology
  • No plug-in required
  • Responsive design
  • Hardware accelerated 3D using WebGL
Seamless integration & easily shareable
  • Embed like a video using a simple iframe code
  • Advanced API to control the 3D from your website
  • Works on any website
  • Works with any CMS e-commerce platform
Intuitive controls on any device
  • Multi-touch support
  • Image based fallbacks when 3D cannot run

Start offering 3D & AR experiences

Start publishing Learn more

The Emersya online platform empowers brands and retailers to streamline their product design, marketing & production workflows, from product conception to eCommerce and mass customization, using advanced Interactive 3D & AR technology.

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