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Online hat customization in Interactive 3D

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Examples December 16th, 2022

Emersya X Aussie Trucker Hats

Aussie Trucker Hats is an innovative Australian custom hat design company, launched in 2001. The brand has spent over 10 years working with rural-based client companies and international suppliers to develop a premium service for promotional hats. They empower their clients to design a truly original & unique custom hat, that incorporates their branding and withstands the wear and tear of rural and industrial life.

Building a B2B Interactive 3D hat configurator

Aussie Trucker Hats use Emersya’s Interactive 3D to offer their customizers an easy-to-use online design tool for creating custom hats for their businesses.
Customers can choose from different types of hats: Trucker, Baseball, Beanies, Bucket or Flat-Brim; and either start from a blank canvas or one of the design suggestions provided.

The Interactive 3D configurator allows customers to:

  • Preview and select the materials and colours for every part of the hat

Preview and select colours and materials

  • Add custom images and / or logos to the areas available for branding

Add custom images or logos

  • Preview and select the materials and colours for every part of the hat

Preview and select colours and materials

  • Add custom text to the labels

Add custom text to the labels

  • Save and / or share a custom design with a link to replay it online in Interactive 3D

Save and share your custom design

Interview with:


Aussie Trucker Hats Logo

Marde Wiltshire

Founder & Chief Designer


Why did Aussie Trucker Hats decide to use Interactive 3D?

  •   To offer a state-of-the-art customization experience that will remain popular for years to come
  •   To enable customers to easily visualize and choose from thousands of options
  •   To develop the first Interactive 3D Custom Trucker Hat Website in the world


How is Aussie Trucker currently using Emersya's technology to present their different products online?

" The trucker hats look fabulous. The layering of some of the fabrics like the camouflage was overwhelmingly impressive as it truly shows how the actual garment will be made.

Rather than just colouring a panel, customers have options to customise every part of the garment. With Emersya’s technology, we were even able to put text in the knit on the beanies! It was then I knew we had chosen the right company for sure. "


How have the new Interactive 3D configurators changed the online user experience?

" Every time we get a new order in, we are impressed with what our customers have designed. The ease with which our rural, non-technical customer base has adapted to using the configurator has been overwhelming, considering they have never before come across 3D design tools to customise hats.

Our trucker hat design is now the hottest trucker hat in the world thanks to this configurator. It has enabled us to be the first in the world to offer online hat customisation with a choice of 25,000 different colourways and fabrics. "


What impact has the introduction of the 3D product configurators had on your website so far and what are your expectations for the future?

" It’s a bit early at this stage to give the statistics… However, we are now having record months in turnover and ongoing. We see the impact of the 3D product configurators and hopefully we will double if not triple annual turnovers as time goes on.

We are looking at version 2 down the road for which we will be adding new styles of trucker hats."

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