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Design & Win Your Dream Motorcycle Race Suit

Interactive 3D customization for consumer engagement & activation

Exemples April 17th, 2024

Emersya X REV'IT TailorTech:

REV’IT has launched an online design competition to win a bespoke motorcycle race suit. Participants are invited to create their own unique design using the Interactive 3D customizer, powered by Emersya.

About REV’IT

REV’IT has been crafting motorcycle clothing that strikes a careful balance between function and fashion since 1995. An international brand known for design, performance and innovation; they have recently launched REV’IT TailorTech to offer amateur riders the same fully bespoke service they offer to professional racers. By merging cutting-edge technology with decades of artisanal craftsmanship, REV’IT TailorTech aims to provide riders with unparalleled quality and personalization options.

Offering a unique online 3D customization experience

The cornerstone of REV’IT’s TailorTech initiative is the unique online design experience powered by Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology. Riders can choose from one of 3 available models and unleash their creativity to design their ideal suit. The Interactive 3D customizer provides a photo-realistic preview that customers can explore from every angle. By hovering over and clicking on each of the 25 different customizable parts of the suit, they can apply different colors to create their unique design. They can also upload up to 16 sponsor logos and see them applied to the pre-defined zones in real-time. Once satisfied with their creation, customers can seamlessly transition to the ordering process, where expert tailors ensure the perfect fit through meticulous measurements and craftsmanship.

REV'IT Tailortech bespoke motorcycle suit personalization process

REV'IT Tailortech bespoke motorcycle suit personalization process

Design & win your own Tailormade suit!

To introduce the new bespoke offer to the US market, the brand has launched the REV’IT TailorTech Design Challenge. The online competition offers participants the possibility to design and win their very own professional grade tailor-made suit. Taking part couldn’t be simpler. Riders are invited to design their dream X_201 racing suit, using the Interactive 3D customizer powered by Emersya, and fill in the customer activation form to submit their design. The competition runs until April 21st and the winning suit, chosen by a panel of REV’IT! MotoGP riders, will be revealed at the MotoGP in Jerez, Spain a week later.

Check out the REV’IT TailorTech Design Challenge

Interactive 3D product customization for consumer engagement

Interactive 3D product customization isn’t just about creating personalized products—it’s about forging meaningful connections with customers. By immersing users in a dynamic and engaging experience, brands like REV’IT can enhance consumer engagement campaigns and drive brand loyalty. From offering a personalized experience to fostering social sharing and feedback collection, Interactive 3D technology is revolutionizing the way brands interact with their audience.

REV’IT’s collaboration with Emersya showcases the potential of Interactive 3D and AR technology. From enhancing product customization experiences to driving consumer engagement, the possibilities are endless. As brands seek innovative ways to engage consumers and drive sales, Emersya offers expertise in leveraging digital assets for product customization and enhancing consumer experiences. Reach out to our expert team to discover how Emersya can elevate your brand's digital presence and marketing strategies.

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