Beyerdynamic's Manufaktur: Interactive 3D headphones customization

Beyerdynamic Manufaktur: Customize your premium headphones

Beyerdynamic were looking to take their customizable headphones concept into a new dimension to offer online customers a fully interactive customization experience with the possibility of adding and editing custom images in real time.

  • Challenges:

    • Empower customs to interact directly with the product online
      Provide real-time previews for all available colors and materials on each part of the customizable product
      Enable customers to apply custom graphics and text to parts of the product
      Generate the digital files required to manfacture the custom products
  • Solution: - An Interactive 3D Customization Experience

    Using Emersya’s technology, Beyerdynamic were able to offer their online customers an interactive customization experience in real-time 3D for their premium range of headphones. Emersya’s online platform made it simple to create the different color & material options available for the different configurable parts of the headphones. Online customers can explore the product from every angle and click on any configurable part to switch among the available options in real time. To showcase the product’ high-end technology, Beyerdynamic created an exploded view of the headphones’ ears in Interactive 3D, enabling consumers to visualize the internal components and see how they fit together. The triggered 3D animation was prepared directly on Emersya by preparing translations for each component and setting the animations to occur simultaneously.

  • - Real-time custom image application

    The customization experience offers the possibility to apply images to the headphones. Customers may select an image from Beyerdynamic’s online library or upload a custom image. These images are applied to specific areas of the product using Emersya’s API. Once applied, customers can edit the position, size and orientation of the image and even apply filters to create their unique design. It is also possible to add personal text and preview the result on the product in real-time.

  • - A custom online configurator interface

    A custom designed and purpose built user interface was developed to guide online customers through the product configuration process. The Interactive 3D viewer was then seamlessly embedded and linked to the interface using Emersya’s API. Beyerdynamic also implemented camera animations so that each time a user selects a product part to configure from the interface menu the camera will automatically change the viewpoint to display the selected part. Beyerdynamic were able to define the pricing of the different product configuration options directly on the Emersya Platform and then calculate the price in real-time (using Emersya’s API), according to the options shown in the 3D viewer. Other API functions are called when the customer validates their design, for example, to generate a screenshot that is displayed on the order summary page and to generate the list of the customization options that have been selected. Emersya also generates the digital files required for printing the customized images onto each unique product.

    • “Our Manufaktur is entering a new dimension with the 3D configurator. Never before has configuration been so vivid, so individual, so versatile and so simple. In short: Closer to reality than ever before.”

      Beyerdynamic , Communication Team.

    • Key feature illustration
      Apply Graphics and Upload Custom Images

      Choose a graphic design from the library or upload a custom image and positon it on a predefined part of the product. Edit the position, size and orientation of the image and even apply filters

    • Key feature illustration
      Interactive 3D product customization

      Click on the product to switch instantly between the available options and explore the real-time previews from every angle with deep zoom

    • Key feature illustration
      Custom text engraving

      Type your custom text and see it appear on the product in real time

    • Key feature illustration
      3D Exploded Views

      Trigger 3D animations to explode the product and discover the internal product technology and construction components