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Customer Success Story
 - JP Concrete

Interactive 3D Product Discovery

Exemples April 5th, 2024

Emersya X JP Concrete

JP Concrete has been supplying precast concrete products to the construction and agricultural markets since 2007. While the company prides itself on the quality of their products, they aim to provide customers with complete precast solutions, offering a full service from design to supply and installation.


JP Concrete strives to be a long-term partner for their customers, not just a supplier. This is achieved by ensuring the highest quality of service and customer experience from the first visit on their website to their after-sale service.

Due to the multi-purpose nature of their products, customers often struggled to find the right product and imagine how it would fit into their project. They were looking for a better way to help customers understand the technicity of each product than technical drawings.


JP Concrete chose to use the Emersya Platform to turn their technical drawings into Interactive 3D product experiences. These experiences enable online customers to explore the different products from every angle and zoom in on the parts which interest them most. They can also take a guided tour of the product by clicking on the dynamic annotations that provide detailed insights about each product feature and key selling point.

Interview with:

Inga Pouwels

Phil Sayers

Head of Marketing

Why did you choose Emersya as your 3D technology provider?

 People often struggle with reading technical drawings, and with the growth of digital construction, presenting our products online in 3D seemed like a natural progression for our website. I had seen Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology used by board-sport manufacturers and thought it would be an engaging way of being able to show off our precast concrete products.

JP Concrete's home page introducing their Interactive 3D Viewer concept

JP Concrete introduces the 3D viewer concept on their home page

How did you find the set-up process?

 The team at Emersya are great to work with. They have made the creation of the 3D models very easy and are quick to make any changes, without any fuss. 

The JP Concrete team provided .dwg files that were converted polygonal format and published on the Emersya Platform. The rendering of the materials was prepared directly on the Platform.
JP Concrete were able to use the platform to create guided tours of their products by setting up dynamic annotations with set viewpoints. They were also able to customize the background and 3D viewers menu with their brand colors.

Technical drawing (left) compared to Interactive 3D experience (right)

Original Technical drawing compared to Interactive 3D experience with guided tour

How did you find the integration process?

 Website integration is simple - we just used the piece of code generated by the Emersya Platform to insert the viewer into our WordPress website.

What impact has Emersya’s technology had on the online user experience?

 The feedback we get from our clients is amazing, and the models are also a great training tool for our staff.

The addition of the product viewers has helped us to stand apart from our competition, there’s nothing else like it in our sector. We are working on the next generation of viewers for our new website, which we hope will further enhance the customer experience.  

Discover JP Concrete’s products online in Interactive 3D:
Concrete retaining walls
Interlocking concrete blocks
Stadium Terracing and Seating

& more

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